School and University work together to improve school leadership competences

Within the framework of the ARMIF-AGAUR project (REF. 2015 ARMIF 00041) “Competences of coordination, shared leadership and networking with the community for the development of the teaching profession”, a university (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) has been working together with some schools in Baix Penedès area (Tarragona) for the last two years. The aim is to reconstruct together ideas and actions that give greater meaning to school management and leadership exercised by all the agents of their communities involved in education.

Special emphasis has been placed on reviewing the reception in schools of novice teachers, newly arrived teachers and trainees so that they collaborate in distributed leadership, through teamwork, communication and work meetings.

Recently, the meeting was held in a rural school, Escola Teresa Godes de Montmell (Tarragona), in which the impact of the work on the cohesion among teachers was especially valued.

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