Ángeles Parrilla

University professor of the University of Vigo (since 2011), she has previously been a professor (1987-2000) and professor at the University of Seville (2000 to 2011). She has a doctorate in Pedagogy from the University of Seville and a degree in Pedagogy and Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

She maintains in her professional career a firm and sustained commitment to the development of a more inclusive education, as well as to research in the field of Equity and Education. In the last 10 years she has directed and coordinated 4 research projects in the field of educational and social exclusion and inclusion processes, with 4 Spanish Universities (U. of Seville, U. of Cantabria, U. of the Basque Country and U. Vigo). These projects from different approaches of interpretative and participative research explore the construction of educational and social processes of inclusion and exclusion, as well as the development of community networks of inclusion, innovation and improvement. She is currently the Spanish coordinator of an international project Erasmus KA Plus.

Her teaching is divided into subjects related to inclusion, diversity and educational research in the Early Childhood and Primary Education Degrees, as well as in the Master’s Degree in Teaching.

She is the coordinator of the Interuniversity Doctorate Program in “Equity and Innovation in Education”, which is taught at 5 universities in northwestern Spain (University of Vigo, University of La Coruña, University of Santiago, University of Oviedo and University of Cantabria). She is the director of the Department of Didactics, School Organization and Research Methods of the University of Vigo since June 2018.

She has collaborated with several international organizations and projects from the EU and Latin America. She was recently Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Education of the University of Oxford (February to June 2019).

Email: parrilla@uvigo.es