Esther Martínez Figueira

Ph. D. in Education Sciences from the University of Vigo, also a degree in Psych pedagogy and a diploma in Early Childhood Education from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She is a University Professor in the Department of Didactics, School Organization and Research Methods at the University of Vigo.

Her current teaching is distributed in subjects related to educational technology and practicum of the Early Childhood and Primary Education Degrees, of different educational masters and in the Interuniversity Doctorate Program of Equity and Innovation in Education.

Regarding its research activity, it should be noted that it is part of the CIES research group (Collaboration and Innovation for Educational and Social Equity) of the University of Vigo. Her main lines of research revolve around educational technology, technological innovation, educational innovation, inclusion, initial and continuous training of the teaching profession, university teaching and practicum. She has participated as a researcher in several national R+D+i and regional projects, and has also been a Principal Researcher in research and innovation projects of the University. Also, she has given lectures and communications as well as published numerous articles, book chapters and author of monographs referred to the above mentioned topics. You can consult part of her publication in Dialnet, Google Scholar or Researchgate.