María Verdeja Muñiz

Bachelor and doctorate in pedagogy from the University of Oviedo. She currently works as an associate professor in the Department of Education Sciences in the Area of ​​Didactics and School Organization. Her experience as an associate professor at the University of Oviedo covers a wide variety of teaching imparted in subjects such as undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and master’s degrees. His main research focuses on the study of the pedagogy and work of Paulo Freire, the challenges posed by education in multicultural contexts, intercultural education and attention to the cultural diversity of students from an approach of inclusive education and justice Social. Likewise, he is part of and collaborates with the Intercultural Education Group: Eleuterio Quintanilla in the elaboration of didactic materials and the development of pedagogical proposals of intercultural education. Outside the university environment he has more than 14 years of work experience working in career guidance and attention to groups at risk of social exclusion.