Roser Calaf Masachs

Professor in Didactics of Social Sciences at the University of Oviedo since 2017. She has requested the evaluation of her fourth research 6-year-period (non-interrupted) in 2018 to the  National Evaluation Commission on Research Activities (Spanish Ministry of Education). In 2002 she began the line of multidisciplinary research in Heritage Didactics. This phase culminates with the research stage at the University of Laval (Canada) collaborating with Professor Ph. Dubé (Master in Museology) in 2006. She was Principal Researcher (as leader of the research group) in 5 regional open competitive calls for project funding, and in contracts with companies or the Administration (MIRAR Group, from the Technological Offer of the University of Oviedo, between 2002-2006). She supported competitive research of young researchers: Olaia Fontal (OEPE Project “Heritage Education Observatory Spain” in 2011) and Pilar Rivero (Project “Civitas”, Qualitative Evaluation of the Cultural action of Roman sites with web 2.2 2015/2016). She collaborated as a researcher in two competitive projects of the National Research Plan led by J.L San Fabián (code EDU2016 -76306-62-216), and J.M. Cuenca (code EDU2015-67953-P), both researchers of her team while leading the research “Qualitative Evaluation of Educational Programs in Museums of Spain” (ECPEME-code EDU2011-27835) , project that linked 9 researchers from 5 universities in Spain and 13 museums (between 2012-2015). She was PhD supervisor (in 13 PhD between 2003-2018 related to Heritage Education, the first one being Olaia Fontal’s in 2003 (Extraordinary Prize Doctorate). She was coordinator (as chief editor) and author of more than 7 books (2003-2015) published in TREA Editions, Gijón (reference publisher in heritage, museums, documentation). The last book corresponds to the informative edition of the ECPEME project with the title “Educational action in museums. Quality from qualitative evaluation ” (2015). She has published numerous articles in scientific journals, highlighting: “Learning history through heritage, the cases of the Railway Museum of Asturias and the Museum of the Immigration of Catalonia” Journal of Education, nº 365, 2014, (M.A. Suárez Suárez and J.L. San Fabián as co-authors,  awarded by the M. Estevez Award (2015) by the University of Málaga to the best educational article published in competitive journals. In 2017, Roser Calaf, S Gutiérrez and J.L. San Fabian (2017) “Evaluation of educational programs in museums: a new perspective “. Bordón 69, (1). R Calaf, and S. Gutiérrez (2017). The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum; evaluating educational programs to teach art. In Revista Arte Individuo y Sociedad, 29, (1). She has been Member of the National Agency of Quality Evaluation – Ministry of Education, for the  assessment to University Teaching bodies (for tenure assessment as Associate Professors) in the Commission of Social and Legal Sciences (between 2006-2010). Member of ICOM-CECA (Commission of Education) from 2007 to the present, presenting papers at the ICOM-CECA congresses of: Reykjavik (2007); Zagerb (2009), Rio de Janeiro (2013), Washington (1015). Conferences in Institutions linked to different Universities: in “Faculty of Letters University of Porto” / CITCEM (Transdisciplinary Research Center Culture Space and Memory) “Genius Loci” Oporto (2016); Conferences in Seminar of the “Grupe de Recherche sur eco-education artistique et societe that is taught within the CEAQ” (Center d’Etude sur l’Actil et le Quotidien) at Université Rene Descartes, Sorbonne, Paris V (2010) and (2013); Plenary Conference in 2018 “Escola Superior de Educaçaô de Castedo Branco” (Portugal). She s member of the Scientific Council (as Editor) of several journals specialized in Education, Heritage, Communication: Teaching of the Social Sciences. Research magazine. Edits ICE UAB / ICE UB, since 2006; Culture and Education Edits Childhood and Learning Foundation. Salamanca, from 2000-2005; “Fonseca Journal of Communication” edited by the University of Salamanca since 2010; “MIDAS” (Portugal) Universities of Évora and Oporto, since 2011, Clio: History and History teaching, University of Zaragoza. And she is member of the Editorial Board of Her & Mus magazine, Heritage and Museography, since 2008. She is researcher in Excellence Networks: the Network 14 (2014-2016) y RILME since 2016, and belongs to the AIES Educational Research Group “Analysis, Intervention and Socio-educational Evaluation “(GR-2015-0021), recognized by The National Agency for Assessment and Forecasting (ANEP), 2015, scientific-technical assessment from the Ministry of Education.