Uxío Pérez Rodríguez

He is a graduate in Psychology and Doctorate in History of Science and Technology. He is currently a doctoral lecturer in the Department of Special Didactics at the University of Vigo, specifically in the area of Didactics of Experimental Sciences. He also teaches the Degree in Primary Education and the Masters in Teaching and Research and Innovation in Infant and Primary Education.

His lines of research revolve around the didactic applications of History and Techniques, the Teaching of Astronomy, the History of Sciences and Techniques, Methodological Resources and Strategies in the Didactics of Experimental Sciences, Teacher Training, Studies with a Gender Perspective and Environmental Education.

He has participated in various research projects including “The development of scientific competences: progression of the components of practice and meta-knowledge”, “Carrying out a study with a gender perspective on the use of ICT in small and medium-sized enterprises” or “Progression of learning in practical scientific competences: contextualization of models, use of evidence and scientific research”. To these we must add others from the field of innovation such as “Design and implementation of assessment procedures and instruments in degree and postgraduate courses through the TEMA platform: KPSI questionnaires, headings and concept maps in digital format” or “The use of digital classrooms and electronic books in infant education and primary education”.

He has also published extensively in areas such as the popularization of science in relation to teacher training.

Email: uxio.perez@uvigo.es