ARMIF (2016-2018). Competencies of coordination, shared leadership and networking with the community for the development of the teaching profession and school improvement

  • Reference: 2015 ARMIF 00041
  • PI: Pilar Iranzo García
  • Participating universities: Rovira i Virgili University, University of Granada, Arizona State University, San José State University
  • Duration: from June 2016, until September 2018
  • Call: “Aid for research for the improvement of initial teacher training” (ARMIF-2015, Generalitat de Catalunya).

This research project aims to analyze the construction of competences related to coordination, shared leadership and networking by various agents involved in the quality of the teaching profession: university students and faculty, management teams and active teachers. The analysis includes the contrast of how they would be building in another Spanish university. The focus of the analysis will be how to address these competences in the design of the university study plans, how they are taught and how they are evaluated throughout the development of the subjects. This will be related to how they are conceptualized, developed and evaluated, in educational centers as practical contexts. Based on the results, the aim is to articulate opportunities and shared spaces for learning among all the agents involved in order to build and validate training strategies that ensure the attainment of these competences both in initial training and in the teaching profession.

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