CILME 2020 is delayed because of the coronavirus

In a virtual meeting held yesterday (Monday March 16, 2020), the Research Network on Leadership and Educational Improvement (RILME), decided to postpone CILME2020 at the proposal of its Organizing Committee. We are very sorry to have to make this decision due the risks and uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic. The decision is to convene the next CILME on a similar date during the month of June 2021.

CILME 2021 will maintain the headquarters, the associated themes, the structure, as well as the speakers, coordinators and participants in the round tables. It will also maintain the same enthusiasm that we have displayed at CILME 2020 for sharing knowledge and updating the links that researchers and education professionals, particularly from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, have built annually since 2017.

We apologize and at the same time understand this decision and we thank all of you who have responded so far to our call to participate in one way or another in CILME2020.

The Organizing Committee of CILME2020; now CILME2021