Analysis, Intervention and Socioeducational Evaluation (AIES)

Universidad de Oviedo

Coordinator: José Luís San Fabián Maroto

Constitution of the research group: According to Article 2 of the Regulation of equipment and research groups of the University of Oviedo (BOPA No. 10 of January 14, 2009), and after the ANEP’ positive, the Government Council of the University of Oviedo has proceeded to recognice research group: “Analysis, Intervention and Socio-educational Evaluation”. Acronym: AIES.

Recognition Date: December 23, 2015.

Department: Department of Education Sciences

Areas of Knowledge:

  • Didactics and School Organization
  • Theory and History of Education
  • Teaching social sciences
  • Teaching of language and literature

Lines of investigation:

Historical, patrimonial and linguistic-cultural analysis of education. Researchers: José Luis San Fabián, Roser Calaf, Aida Terrón, Antón Riaño, Isabel Hevia, Sué Gutiérrez.
Educational intervention and evaluation in formal and non-formal contexts. Researchers: José Luis San Fabián, José Luis Belver, Isabel Hevia, Soraya Calvo.

The Group’s activity is carried out in the field of Education Sciences, with reference to the following areas:

  • Didactics and Educational Organization
  • Historical-cultural Analysis of Education
  • Evaluative Research of Socioeducational Programs and Institutions.

Composition of the Research Group:

Director and Coordinator: José Luis San Fabián Maroto
I.-Staff doctors of the PDI of the University of Oviedo that are integrated into the Group:

  • SAN FABIAN MAROTO, JOSÉ LUIS, University Professor
  • CALAF MASACHS, ROSER. University Professor (accredited)
  • TERRON BAÑUELOS AIDA, Professor at the University
  • GONZALEZ RIAÑO, XOSE ANTON, Professor at the University

II.-Members hired by the University of Oviedo that are integrated into the Group:

  • BELVER DOMINGUEZ, JOSE LUIS. Doctor, Accredited Contracted Doctor
  • HEVIA ARTIME, ISABEL, Doctor, Accredited Contracted Doctor
  • CALVO GONZALEZ, SORAYA, Person in training. Predoctoral Scholarship “Severo Ochoa”
  • GUTIERREZ BERCIANO, SUE, Person in formation. Predoctoral Scholarship “Severo Ochoa”

Structure of the Group and Research Lines:

AIES is defined as an Interdisciplinary Research Group in the field of Education, which includes 8 researchers (4 Seniors, 2 Juniors and 2 in Training) from various areas of Education Sciences, all of them attached to the Dept. of CC. of Education of the University of Oviedo. The two researchers in training are predoctoral fellows with a “Severo Ochoa” contract at the University of Oviedo, and they are doing their Doctoral Dissertation under the direction of two senior researchers of the Group: José Luis San Fabián  and Roser Calaf.

This plurality of areas corresponds to a variety of fields and methodologies of educational research, ranging from the qualitative to the quantitative, addressing the three basic perspectives that correspond to the research sequence in education: analysis, intervention and evaluation of the educational reality. Several Sub-lines of Specialization derive from the two Research Lines of the Group:

1. Historical, patrimonial and linguistic-cultural analysis of education.

  • Heritage Education
  • Historical-cultural Analysis of Education
  • School Organization and Educational Policies
  • Plurilingualism

2- Educational intervention and evaluation in formal and non-formal contexts.

  • Evaluation of Socioeducational Programs
  • Groups in Situation of Social Exclusion
  • Teaching-Learning Processes.

The Group is the result of the merger of two previous research teams: the “Canella” Team, led by José Luis San Fabián and the “ECPEME” Team, led by Roser Calaf Masachs (

The Group is linked to the following EXCELLENCE NETWORKS:

Network of Excellence Red14 de Investigación formed by about one hundred researchers from the social field of 14 Spanish universities integrated into 10 working and research groups (HISREDUC, DESYM, DHIGECS, DICSO, DIDPATRI, ECPEME, ELINCIS, GIPYPAC, OEPE and URBS ). The Network14 is part of the “Networks of Excellence”, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016 (

The Research Network on Leadership and Educational Improvement (RILME). Reference: EDU2015-70036-REDT. Principal investigator: F. Javier Murillo.

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