Educational Research Group DOCE

Universidad de Huelva

Coordinator: Pilar García Rodríguez

The DOCE group (Code HUM-668) is made up of 18 researchers who work in various fields of study around Didactics, Organization and Evaluation of Educational Centers, Teacher Training and Educational Innovation, Leadership and Education in/for the diversity.

DOCE highlights permanent work projects such as our annual Public School Days, the City Arc-Iris project, our Pedagogical Museum, or the Sahara and Education project, as well as its work in competitive research projects.

Our participation in the RILME Network implies a new commitment and a new permanent work project. Therefore, within the Department of Education of the University of Huelva, we have developed a new Master’s degree entitled Master’s Degree in Educational Innovation and Educational Leadership. The Master is structured around three modules: One focused on the conceptual and methodological foundations for pedagogical innovation and educational leadership; a second focused on Research and intervention in pedagogical innovation and educational leadership, and a third module oriented towards the elaboration and defense of the Final Master’s Project in Pedagogical Innovation and Educational Leadership.

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