School principals training through a program based on group coaching, feedback and the analysis of their practice

López Yáñez, J., Sánchez Moreno, M. R., Altopiedi, M., & Oliva Rodríguez, N. (2018). Formación de directivos escolares mediante un programa basado en el coaching grupal, la retroalimentación y el análisis de la práctica. Profesorado: Revista de Currículum y Formación del Profesorado, 22(1), 481-500.

This paper depicts the process and results of a training program for educational leaders based on the analysis of their practice, feedback and coaching. The project was carried out by academics of educational research centres from ten countries. The main components of the program were (a) a diagnostic instrument associated to a feedback report on the participants’ leadership profile; and (b) a training device developed in small groups coordinated by a ‘coach’. In parallel, a research process was developed in order to assess the potential of the training device to improve principals’ practice. Such process included observation and recording of the coaching sessions, and interviews to both, the trainees and the coaches. The Spanish version of the program proved to be an effective training tool. This article points out its main strengths and the issues needed of improvement. Among the strengths, it can be pointed out the value of both the instrument in which the analysis of leader’s profile is based and the discussion with colleagues as effective tools for promoting reflective thought and learning. Among the aspects to improve, we can underline the length and density of the report and the coaches’ needs of training.

Key words: Coaching, group dynamics, feedback, leadership, principalship, principal’s training.

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