National R+D+i Plan (2011-2014). Qualitative evaluation of educational programs in Spanish museums

  • Reference: EDU2011-27835.
  • PI: Roser Calaf Masachs.
  • Institution: University of Oviedo, Huelva, Madrid, Zaragoza and the Basque Country.
  • Duration: from 01/01/2011, until 03/31/2014

The project arises with the purpose of designing and applying a qualitative evaluation tool that serves to know in depth the operation and educational impact of educational programs in museums in Spain.

The advancement of knowledge in the field of Heritage Education in museums is closely linked to the inertia generated by the different educational practices that are practiced in them. Their analysis, according to the ECPEME model, has revealed how these inertias are transformed into standards that innovate and transfer knowledge of good practices. The main contributions are:

  • A methodological scheme and own model has been developed that offers the opportunity to organize and review programs of Museal Education in the national territory and transferable to the international scope.
  • There has been dissemination of research in publications and events at national and international level on education and heritage in museums.
  • Development of diagnostic research that organizes, analyzes, systematizes and elaborates quality standards of the Museum education.
  • An interdisciplinary research group on Heritage Education has been created to evaluate the programs. With national connection (the ECPEME team has been integrated into the Network-14 of excellence in research in teaching social sciences) and international with active participation in ICOM (CECA) in several of its General Conferences, since 2007.
  • It has been developed and valued from a set of tools articulated in a design with dissemination on this Web. Incorporating all the actions that surround the project have been developed.

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