National R+D+i Plan (2013-2015). Pedagogical leadership and development of the center as a professional community: Successful practices in compulsory education

  • Reference: EDU2013-48432-P
  • PI: Antonio Bolívar Boti
  • Institution: University of Granada
  • Duration: from 2013 to 2015

The project combines the description of the situation in primary and secondary schools in Andalusia, with a study of cases that can show progress in their levels of educational success, according to the degrees of development of a shared leadership that promotes the development of the school as a Professional Learning Community. That is why we care more than good practices, practices that document success in educational attainment. Identify and describe the conditions and processes in which the leadership of the management enables the development of educational centers as CPA is one of the main objectives of the project that is requested. The results of the research we propose can contribute decisively to documenting how to makesignificant changes in the ways in which teachers practice their job and in improving the school results of our students. In parallel, point out productive lines to put into action Learning Communities.

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