National R+D+i Plan (2016-2019). Processes of educational and socio-labor re-engagement of adolescents in vulnerable situations. Case study and socio-educational implications

  • Reference: EDU2016-76306-C2-R
  • PI: Mª Teresa González González (subproject 1) and José Luis San Fabián (subproject 2)
  • Participating universities: University of Murcia, University of Oviedo, University of Valencia and University of Santander
  • Duration: from 10/18/2016, until 10/18/2019

Project belonging to the State Program of R & D Oriented towards the Challenges of the Society. It is a coordinated project consisting of two subprojects: Subproject 1, developed at the University of Murcia and researchers from both the University of Murcia and the University of Valencia. Subproject 2, is carried out in the Univeridad de Oviedo, in which researchers from the University of Oviedo and the University of Santander participate. Both subprojects are associated with a Predoctoral Contract (FPI).

The project seeks to know in depth the re-enganche programs for young people in vulnerable situations that are obtaining positive results in terms of educational and / or socio-labor reintegration. From the contributions derived from the research on prevention of school dropout, promotion of re-enganche and educational reslience, it is proposed to carry out a study of multiple cases. Through an intentional sampling, the main programs currently carried out in four Autonomous Communities (Asturias, Cantabria, Murcia and Valencia) will be studied, in the formal and non-formal areas, selecting those that provide the best results. It is about relating the protective factors of the environment with the characteristics of the programs and the capacities of the young people.

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