The Research Network on Leadership and Educational Improvement (RILME) integrates several research groups belonging to different Spanish universities that have been working in a concurrent perspective on Leadership and Educational Improvement. The Research Network has been founded in 2012, and currently consists of eight educational research groups from three differents countries:

This net between research groups associated to RILME increases the professional capital of its members through resources, support and trust; while sharing knowledge and information, and collaborating to achieve common goals.

RILME was funded by 2017 call of the Dynamization Actions “Networks of Excellence”, of the State Program of Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence, State Subprogram of Knowledge Generation, within the framework of the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016. EDU2017-90606-REDT. Previously, RILME network was financed by the 2015 call (Reference: EDU2015-70036-REDT).