National R+D+i Plan (2016-2019). Identity of the school management: Leadership, training and professionalization

  • Reference: EDU2016-78191-P
  • PI: Antonio Bolívar
  • Participating universities: University of Granada
  • Duration: from 10/18/2016, until 10/18/2019

Project belonging to the I+D+ i Excellence Program. It has a Predoctoral Contract (FPI).

This research project aims to contribute the improvement of leadership around analyzing and enhancing their professional identity. The development of principal identities is a new and emerging field of research, already far from technical or competence approaches. Thus, within the “International Successful School Principalship Project (ISSPP)”, in whose field of work our research is carried out, one of the three key lines of research is “Principals’ identities”. In this context, it is proposed to verify how schools in Andalusia, when they function, with a school management with strong professional identity, become a privileged way to ensure improvement. The particular situation in the Spanish case in the access and discontinuity in the professional career (teacher / director) turns, in addition, into a relevant object of study the experiences of professional transitions, from a biographical-narrative perspective. In addition, in collaboration with the Spanish Associations of Directors, as a projection of identity, we are collaborating to develop a “Framework for Good Management”

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