Equity and Inclusion in Education

Universidad de Murcia

Manager: Mª Teresa González González

The research group “Equity and Inclusion in Education” works on two related themes: Educational Equity and Improvement in Education, both topics are a clear link with the RILME network.

Since 2000, the group has been participated in projects such us: “Continuing Education of Compulsory Education Teachers” under the R + D + i call (EDU2012-38787) and “Students at risk of educational exclusion in the ESO” (SEJ2006 / 14992 / CO6-01). With funding from the Ministry of Education of the C.A. of Murcia have developed the “Map of educational innovation in the Region of Murcia”. Other research funded by the Seneca Foundation / Regional Agency for Science and Technology: “Analysis and documentation of good practices to prevent school failure in ESO” (03022 / PHCS / 05); as well as the study titled: Monitoring and evaluation of the “Initial Professional Qualification Programs in the Autonomous Community of Murcia” (11806 / PHCS / 09).

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