Training in Educational Contexts – Training and Technology (ICE-FORTE) in the Curriculum, Teacher Evaluation and Training line (CUAVAFOR)

Universidad Rovira i Virgili

Coordinator: Pilar Iranzo García

The ICE-FORTE GROUP is a research group with the participation of a Department (Pedagogy) ( and the Institute of Education Sciences (

It lines of work are:

  • Training of trainers and training throughout life
  • Permanent teacher training
  • Teacher innovation
  • Investigation
  • Evaluation methods

Research lines:

  • Training evaluation
  • Development and application of new resources in training.
  • Preparation and validation of educational materials and resources.
  • Training of trainers.
  • Initial and permanent training of university and non-university teaching staff.
  • Teaching innovation and educational research.
  • Methodologies and didactic strategies and ICT.
  • Online teaching (online)
  • Training, employment and employment
  • Investigation methodology
  • The social impact of research and new media

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