School segregation of poor inmigrant students in Spain

Murillo, F. J. y Belavi, G. (2018). Segregación escolar de los estudiantes extranjeros pobres en España [School segregation of poor inmigrant students in Spain]. Scripta Nova. Revista Electrónica de Geografía y Ciencias Sociales, XXII(603), 1-27.

Immigrant students with lower socioeconomic and cultural level families are particularly vulnerable since they suffer jointly two causes of school segregation. This research aims to estimate the magnitude of school segregation for this population in Compulsory Secondary Education in Spain and its Autonomous Communities, and to determine the contribution of public and private schools to this segregation. For that purpose, it makes a special exploitation of the PISA-2015 data by estimating the Gorard segregation index and the Hutchens square root segregation index. The results indicate that the studied
population suffers from a severe problem of school segregation, with a high variability between regions, and that private education presents a low commitment in the schooling of this population and a higher rate of segregation than the public schools.

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