The research group GICE achieves its next R + D Project (Excellence)

It has been published the resolution of the Secretary of State for Universities, Research, Development and Innovation and Presidency of the State Research Agency, granting aid to R + D + i projects corresponding to the State Research, Development and Innovation Program oriented to the Challenges of the Society within the framework of the State Plan for scientific and technical research and innovation 2013-2016, Call 2017.

The project presented by the GICE group is entitled “Democracy in schools as the foundation of an education for social justice” (EDU2017-82688-P)

In the following link you can access the resolution of the call: Resolution

Through this project, GICE aims to achieve three objectives:

  • Know the conceptions of educational agents about democracy and its exercise in the context of school.
  • Understand the meanings and political meanings that underlie the school’s democratic culture.
  • Deepen the knowledge and development of democracy for an education in and from the Social Justice from a process of action research with a network of schools committed to Social Justice

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