The videos of the Tribute Research Seminar to Professor Escudero are available

The videos of the different sections of the Research Seminar “Professor Escudero and his pedagogical contributions” are available in the following link,
Inauguration Act:
Juan Manuel Escudero, a semblance as professor, academic and friend, Juan Sáez Carreras:
Educational Quality: Definition, Evaluation models, Policies, Felipe Trillo, José Antonio Caride and Miguel Angel Zabalza:
Innovation: Definition, Processes, Policies for Educational Reform, Rodrigo J. García, F. Javier Murillo and Julio Rogero:
School Organization: Models, Inetitutional Development, Maria Teresa González:
Advice to Centers and Teachers, Function DIrectiva, Jesús Domingo Segovia:
Inclusion versus Educational Inclusion: School Failure, Begoña Merínez, Francisco Botías and Manuel Moreno Garrido:
Teacher training. Processes and Policies, Amador Guarro:
Educational Technology and Teaching Media, Juan de Pablos and Manuel Àrea:
The curriculum as a field of study and professional practice, Antonio Bolívar:
Closing words, Juan Manuel Escudero:

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